Our function as Construction Managers is best described as “PARTNERING”. We partner our Client, Consultants, and Contractors to establish the need of our client and then we work together to assure that the need of our client is satisfied with the most economical and shortest time span from inception to completion of the project without effecting the quality and or integrity of the end results of the project.

With the Construction Management method there are many advantages over the traditional method, such as:
• The advisory group is established in advance of any expenditure to advice our client.
• Budget cost and timelines will be made available to the client prior to committing to any expenditure.
• Conceptual design, space analysis and site selection are achieved with little or no cost to the client prior to final commitment.
• Construction time is condensed by eliminating many steps that would take place with traditional method.
• We team up with the client, consultants, and contractors to eliminate cost overrun, choosing material and equipment that are rarely available without affecting the quality of the project or functionality for the client needs.
• We will choose well qualified trade contractors and suppliers that will work as team members to assure that the set goals are met.
• A single source Administration will assure the cooperation of all parties involved therefore eliminating conflicts, so, that everyone work together harmoniously.

Our role as contraction managers:
Offsite/Pre-Construction Phase
• Review and identify the client present requirement as well as possible future needs.
• Assist on securing a suitable site.
• Assist on developing the overall concept of the project.
• Assist in proving liaison and co-ordination among government authorities, utility companies and any other group as required.
• Prepare a preliminary budget as soon as the concept of the overall project is available.
• Prepare a preliminary master schedule.
• As the design proceed, evaluate possible alternates.
• Revise and update preliminary budget and schedule on a continuing basis.
• Establish the final overall budget and present to the client for approval.
• Establish a cost breakdown for control purposes.
• Arrange for required insurance.
• Secure all necessary approvals.
• Pre-qualify contractors for each trade and prepare list of bidders.
• Receive and analyze tenders and review with client.
• Prepare contract documents.

Off-Site/During Construction:
• Keep accurate cost control and advice client on a regular basis, review with client if necessary.
• Administer any changes that the client may require.
• Receive and process all invoices by having the site superintend and the project manager review, make adjustments if require and approve. Accounting department will analyze invoices and prepare monthly draw to be presented to the client for payment. The client will receive copy of all invoices and prove of any other cost as well as calculations of hold back, on a complete transparent system.

On-Site/Construction Phase:
• Provide planning, scheduling, technical co-ordination and supervision necessary for proper execution of the project.
• Provide financial administration, including cost control and monitoring of same.
• Review and expedite shop drawings.
• Evaluate all changes and review with client.
• Insure that all maintenance manuals and as build drawings are completed for client record and use.
• Insure that all deficiencies are corrected.
• Implement and enforce a health and safety program.

Post Construction Phase:
• Carefully inspect the work by the construction management team.
• Maintain a close relationship with the owner’s operating staff to ensure a smooth and proper takeover.
• Assist on administering guaranties.
• Provide ongoing support to the client and staff.

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