Interested in leasing a property from Jaral Holdings Inc.? Our team has a proven reputation of excellence when it comes to our client satisfaction, and these commitments to our clients guides us in everything we do.

As an affiliated company to Ramar Contractors Inc., you can trust that as a tenant, any problems you encounter will be dealt with by a professional commercial contractor located right here in Guelph.

We are here to help!

With Spring around the corner, we at Ramar are ready to use our 44 years experience to take on any large or small project that you need built or renovated. We provide a number of services such [...]

All Spaces Leased!

We are happy to announce that all spaces at 590 Hanlon Creek Blvd., Guelph are leased. We welcome our new tenants and wish them the best in their business. We are always looking for new and [...]

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