From conception to completion, Ramar offers customized turnkey building solutions to suit any client need. Ramar has decades of experience in new builds, expansions and renovations of commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings. Ramar Contractors Inc. prides itself on an excellent reputation built on service, quality, workmanship, competitive pricing and guaranteed completion dates. Our commitment to providing long term relationships with our sub-trades assures us of quality and on-time goals to meet deadlines. Discover why Ramar is positioned best to help you.

Metal Building Sales
and Construction

The team at Ramar Contractors Inc. is proud to be associated with the leading Canadian metal building manufacturer, Robertson Building Systems. Throughout our partnership since 1988, we have been one of Robertson Building Systems’ principal authorized builders. As a principal authorized builder, Robertson Building Systems put their trust in us to provide the highest level of quality to the clients that we work with.
Safety in the Workplace
Ramar Contractors Inc. is committed to the prevention of occupational illness and injury in the workplace. Ramar Contractors is responsible for implementing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. It shall be the responsibility of Ramar Contractors to comply with legislated and established safe work procedures and practices.
All supervisors are responsible to ensure that safe and healthy work conditions are maintained for workers under their supervision. Supervisors will ensure that machinery and equipment are safe and that workers work in compliance with legislated and established safe work procedures and practices.
It shall be the responsibility of all workers to work safely and follow legislated and established work procedures and practices. It is also the responsibility of all workers to report unsafe or unhealthy conditions. Contractors and their workers are expected to meet or exceed Ramar Contractors’ health and safety requirements wherever possible. It is in the best interest of everyone on our premises to consider health and safety in every activity.
At Ramar Contractors Inc., an injury and accident free workplace is our goal. Through continuous commitment from all workplace parties, we can accomplish this.



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