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Guelph New Proposed Zoning Bylaw

For the first time in 28 years, the rules around what can and cannot be built in Guelph are changing.

Hard work pays off!

Rosco Landscaping does a phenomenal job keeping all our properties looking well-manicured.

Breaking Ground!

We are excited to break ground on the 10,000 square foot commercial office/lab addition to 574 Hanlon Creek Blvd., Guelph.

Volt Carbon Technologies

Volt Carbon Technologies is one of our avid tenants at 590 Hanlon Creek Blvd., in Guelph. They are a Canadian company that specializes in graphite purification, battery development, and mining exploration.

Welcome, Halion Displays Inc.

We are very happy to announce our new tenant, Halion Diplays Inc., and welcome them at 574 Hanlon Creek Blvd., Guelph.

Barbeque Steakhouse & Bar

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