Celebrating 45 Years!

With September being our anniversary month celebrating 45 years in business, Ralph wrote a letter of reflection that we shared in our August Newsletter.  For those that aren’t subscribed we wanted to make it available in this post. If you would like to subscribe to receive future Ramar Newsletters, you can sign up here. We always try to be thoughtful when emailing and you may adjust your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.


WOW 45 YEARS!  Where did all this time go? I suppose that when you have fun time goes by fast – and it did.

It seems like a very short time ago that I resigned my position as a Construction Manager that I held with a land developer/builder, in June 1978. After sending out 50 resumes, two interviews and one position offer that would have taken me away from my family into Vancouver (which I refused), a friend and colleague from my previous employer called me and asked me if I would be interested in building a kitchen addition on his friend’s house.  Since I was sitting at home (getting fat), I accepted the offer. A few days later, I was loading tools including a wheel barrel into the trunk of a 1976 442 Oldsmobile, headed to work after 3 months of sitting at home.

While I was building the kitchen addition, the neighbor asked me to build a porch for them.  Then I was asked by the owner of a company that I knew from my last employer to do some work at their plant and then others and others… and then all of a sudden Ramar began to get attention.

Thank you to my family for all of their support and I have to thank my wife Jane for being by my side and helping me with administration, especially in the early days when she held another job and was doing all the work required for Ramar in the evenings.

It has been challenging at times, but it was and still is always fun working with our customers to make sure their needs are met. Whether it was new buildings, expansions and/or renovations for industrial, commercial, residential and property management.

I want to extend our sincere thanks to all of our clients for the trust they have put in us during the last 45 years. Many of which we still serve after all this time.

A big thanks to all the subtrades and suppliers that we work with for their prompt attention while working with us to make sure that we deliver on schedule and within budget and most of all, on the excellent quality of work that they have and continue to provide.

I am proud of the team we have here at Ramar that works so hard to make sure our clients are happy and receive the quality service and product we have been known for over the years. We are the best because we work with the best.

Many thanks and I hope to talk with all of you in the near future.



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