Guelph New Proposed Zoning Bylaw

For the first time in 28 years, the rules around what can and cannot be built in Guelph are changing.

At its April 18th planning meeting, city council gave approval to a new Comprehensive Zoning By-Law (CZBL), replacing the original bylaw from 1995.

The new CZBL is said to be more aligned with the City’s progressive new Official Plan which is intended to facilitate the growth targets put upon Guelph by the provincial government, and should allow the city to grow to 2051 and 208,000 residents.

Currently in the appeal period, the CZBL has already been appealed by the Guelph and District Home Builders Association and the Guelph Wellington Development Association, who argue that the CZBL will create more redtape and roadblocks for developers which will in turn hinder Guelph’s commitment to build 18,000 new homes by 2031 under the province’s More Homes Built Faster Act.

Once the appeal period has passed, the CZBL will be in force and effect. Until the relevant parts of the CZBL are in force and in effect, development applications which the transition clauses do not apply would need to comply with both the current zoning by-law and the proposed CZBL.

The City has published a track changes version of the Proposed Zoning Bylaw which is helpful in determining the impacts to development of your property.

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