The Benefits of Pre-Eng Buildings

This month we wanted to highlight our pre-engineered metal construction expertise as another service that can support your building needs.

The team at Ramar Contractors Inc. are proud to be associated with the leading Canadian metal building manufacturer, Robertson Building Systems. Throughout our partnership since 1988, we have been one of Robertson Building Systems’ principal authorized builders. As a principal authorized builder, Robertson Building Systems put their trust in us to provide the highest level of quality to the clients that we work with.

They are cost-effective

Pre-engineered building (PEB) components have been specially engineered to fit together easily; steel building kits are less complicated to assemble than other building types. This helps reduce erection and engineering costs.

They offer time savings

With materials and designs pre-chosen, erection of a facility can be much quicker and more efficient than a conventional steel building.

They are versatile and offer architectural options

An architect or customer can choose from several wall panels adding to the versatility in design. PEB design options for roof systems and walls depend on the owner’s needs. A standard seam roof is the typical rooftop used in PEB’s, but an architectural firm that specializes in PEB’s can work with you to customize and match a vision which meets your needs. Pre-engineered doesn’t have to mean cookie-cutter or lack of creativity.

They are low-maintenance

PEB’s maintain their appearance throughout the life of the building due to the quality built into the process and the raw materials used. Steel is rust and corrosion resistant. This creates a solid structure and foundation which is virtually maintenance-free for longer than conventional buildings.

They are sustainable

Recycled content, recyclability, and minimal environmental impact due to their life-cycle costs make PEB’s an ideal choice when looking to incorporate sustainability and green construction into your next project.

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