Welcome, Halion Displays Inc.

We are very happy to announce our new tenant, Halion Diplays Inc., and welcome them at 574 Hanlon Creek Blvd., Guelph. Halion has developed advanced colour changing nanomaterials for intelligent surfaces. They believe in a future where every surface around you can come alive and adapt to your needs in the moment, whether that’s simply changing colour or pattern, or displaying information. Halion is working with leading global manufacturers to create a variety of products including a dynamically tinting smart glass solution for automotive glass that can improve fuel efficiency and reduce GHG emissions by 6%.
They are also using their materials to create ultra low-power, outdoor visible displays that will disrupt the $200B display industry in consumer electronics, digital signage and more. Halion’s materials enable products that switch 10x faster, require low voltage, work on curved surfaces, all while maintaining high transparency, low haze levels, vivid colours and coming in at half the price of the competition.
We wish Halion Displays success, as we do all our tenants.

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